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For making music you will need a DAW(Digital audio workstation) i use FL studio

Fl Studio

Like Fl-studio? Buy it using this link You will get a discount!!!!

Buy FL-studio Whit discount!!!!

Great sites about Music news and related articles Music Radar AdventureKid

Modular synthese enviorment for vsts (My vsts are with this)


Here You can Find the Demostartion VST's and Synthedit files needed for the Tutorial series

Go to my youtube channel for information about how to build synths whit Synthedit.

Youtube How to Make And how does it work Synth tutorials

The Second Part of my tutorials are about how to use a substractive synthesizer only.

If you want to know how a generic substractive synthesizer works you can vieuw the How does it work videos

if You Dont want to Create vst's you can download the finishd vst from the tutorials below

SimpelSynth Vst Plugin from demo video #01

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Here you can find links to tutorials,Free plugins,Samples

Every thing to get you stared on making music your self!

SoundSamples?! chek out these free sample sites

Gijsdemik New Percussions 2017 (Made whit my vst plugins)
Gijsdemik Bloops and stuff sample pack
Samplephonics Webstore freesamples whit registration C64 samplepackVarouise C64 Samples

Free VSt Plugins Fx and Synths!

BeatAssist.eufree plugins,synthedit stuff and more!. I make presets for his synths from time to time
AudioPlugins For Free
varietyofsound I use NasyDla and NastyVcs
DigitalFishphones good vocal de-esser. I use Spitfish alot

Beginner Guitar HQ

They have some good articels about making music in genral altou its more guitar oriented

Wich DAW/Music Production software is best for you?

This is basic music theory howto knowledge, it comes in handy when making all kinds of songs you should know this

explanation about the Circle of Fifths music theory notes and scales

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