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Xmas Plugin 2019,The Silver Synth




Xmas Plugins 2018,Kull,Frobes and RoomMate Bob


PenguinSynth v5.1A

Penguin Synth

Le-Loudness Enhancer


Mo bells Fm synth


Fattybabe Enhancer


Ps-Impact Percussion Synth


TrackDelay fx

Track Delay

Steroe Wide fx


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The X mass 2019 plugin Silver Synth

Download the Silver Synth

Tumph Dynamics proccessor

Download Thump Dynamics Proccessor

The X mass 2018 Fx plugin pack!

Download X-Mass 2018 Plugin pack

The Penguin Synth

Download Penguin synth here(5.1A)

Sound demo's made whit penguinsynth

Elktro demo Penguinsynth 5.1A Elktro demo Penguinsynth 5.1A DemoTune 01 DemoTune 02 SweetViola demo tune 03 Demo tune 04

Like the synth? Download the 125*preset pack for FL studio PenguinSynth 125 presets pack

The FattyBabe Loudness Enhancer plugin

Pleas Do download the newer version, v1.2 i noticed a to much gain in the high end

This version corrects that error and ive added a Sub bass frq controle and boosted its amplitude

Fatty Babe is my latest Loudness/Enchaner Plugin, Simlar to LeLoudness altough sounds quite diffrant

Download Fattybabe

PS-impact is the first of a collection vst percussion synths this is the first or impact layer

you can use this to synhtesize drum sounds or other percussions

Download PS-Impact

Need bird sounds? Chek out the "super" bird genarator

I was fooling around whit a synth i made and found a bird sound. I hid all other parameters and made this plugin

Bird generator example sound
Download the Bird generator Plugin

The Le Loudness Enhancer plugin

Download Le Loudness5C, Enhancer

Track Delay Effect

Download TrackDelay2,Humanizer

The TrackDelay2 effect is a humaninzer create a small delay for percussions

Make drums sound more live like, based on the concept that no human can drumm 100% acurate

Steroe wide Fx

This Steroe wide fx is a frequntie split wide can set stereo widner for high or low frq

And even modulatie the timeing soudning sort of a choruhs effect (great on vocals)

Download WideFx,Stereo widener effect Download X-Mass Plugins 2017

Below you can download Kajhurs classic vsts note that i did not made these and all credit for them should go to Kajhurs Download kjaerhus vst pack

Download MObells fm Synth

If you need the MObells Presets and you dont have FL you can download the external(fxp) presets

Download MObells External Presets

I noticed Fl studio did not have a native plugin for mixing and routing L or R channels

I give you MonoMan, You can sellect the input channel and its mixed to L and R to "MonoTize" your signal

Download MonoMan

Gijs de mik's expirmental se modules(for se 32bit 1.1914)

Download modules

Before use open up the help text file and look at the exmaple pictures on how to connect

Visit my youtube channel for the tutorials on synthesis en synthedit

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